Clochan has received national recognition in 2022 by winning the following awards:


The INDEPENDENT PRESS AWARD®! for the Cross Genre category,
The Reader Views (Canada) Award for the Fantasy Category (Silver).

Royal Dragonfly Award for the Fiction Novel Category
Book Excellence Awards for the Fantasy Category (Finalist).

Clochán Reviews

"O'Brien has crafted an edge-of-your-seat tale with a vivid, dramatic presence in this debut historical thriller. ...strong, engaging characters ...The finely tuned combination of war chronicle, mystery, folklore, adventure, and romance makes this a novel that will appeal to a wide audience." ——The US Review of Books (RECOMMENDED)

"A vivid, gut-wrenching and charming historical thriller that captures a man’s coming of age in early (nineteenth) century Ireland... Neal 's journey is well-worth taking." —— "O’Brien’s opening is strong and visceral in its depiction of the mayhem of war, and the chapters that follow maintain a persistent suspense. ...With polished prose and crackling dialogue, he draws deep on the culture and character of his milieu. ...An accomplished historical novel of mystery and coming of age in a divided Ireland." ——Booklife Reviews

"...Over the course of this novel, O’Brien’s realistic dialogue is its strongest attribute. ...An often thrilling tale that expertly mixes fantasy and history. ...he’s done a significant amount of research into the politics and folklore of his story’s time and place, resulting in compelling worldbuilding throughout." ——Kirkus Reviews

"Clochán brims with violence, political intrigue, folk-magic and romance. By turns brutal, comedic and intimate. Part rural history, part murder-mystery. emotionally honest, as are Kevin’s relations with a gallery of supporting characters. Clochán’s dialogue provides humour and richness to its characters... will appeal to fans of historical fiction." ——Blueink Review

"...creates a vivid story, indeed." ——The Midwest Book Review

"The narrative was heavy with dread and death from the beginning. ...had a sense of foreboding and a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. ...Kevin was traumatized and hurt, but he didn’t let the past dictate his life. People around him played an important part in his progress. The mystery behind Anty, the need to find the truth, and the overall feel of Clochán were great." ——Readers’ Favorite (Rabia Tanveer), (5 Stars)

"Clochán is a fascinating insight into life as a tenant farmer in Ireland under English rule. Author Lawrence P. O’Brien has woven a story of mystical creatures and Irish lore around a good old-fashioned murder (most foul) mystery... The descriptive writing and scene-setting... were another plus of this narrative. One could easily feel part of the windswept hills and lush valleys of Ireland as the story unfolded. Special mention should be made of the character development. ...There is plenty of action, violence, and derring-do for the most ardent adrenaline junkies and yet it is beautifully soothed by the thoughtful and the mystical. This is a good, solid, adventure mystery that ticks all the right boxes in the reader’s head, and I can highly recommend it." ——Readers’ Favorite (Grant Leishman), (5 Stars)

"The characters of Clochan are wonderfully engaging,.. Their journey throughout the story is the beating heart of the excellent drama and mystery... I recommend this book to everyone." ——Readers’ Favorite (K.C. Finn), (5 Stars)

"Kevin, ...a flesh-and-blood person. (And) Anastasia ...a three-dimensional character instead of a caricature. Clochan a historical fantasy fan's delight." ——Reader Views (Tammy Ruggles), (5 Stars)

"The story was enjoyable..." "The pace was steady, and the characters meshed well..." "I recommend this book to historical fiction fans." ——Review Tales (Jeyran Main), (4 Stars)