Why LaWrenCE?

It is my name which is on every other page, which is more than enough.

Besides that

Wren refers to the “Wren boys.”

In the British Isles in order for warring parties to keep the piece an exchange family members would take place. The children captives of their enemies were raised as their own. In memory of this custom children would identify themselves as the Wren boys. They would put a wren in a cage and go door to door asking for money to set the captive free. Like the Wren boys I capture stories and when I publish them, I set them free.

La? I’m Canadian. It’s a tip to our bilingual and multi-cultural heritage.

CE? Cartoonist Extrodinaire

My filtered slices of history are extracted to print with colour and flair.

But what about the other guy?

The Spanish Fella

A couple of centuries into the modern era, a rowdy crowd burnt Lawrence alive. He had a talent for hiding things and they did their best to try to pursuade him where they were. The Holy Grail (the cup used at the last supper) for example was never found.

While being fried on a griddle he was offered a reprieve but he stubbornly refused, and told the he couldn't because he wasn't done on the other side. The last line led to him being known as the saint of humour and good cooking.

To Create

To be a creator, don’t think about it—do it.
  • Diary entries can become a memoir.
  • Doodles and drawings might sketch out base images as a launch point in a scene that demands a larger canvas, which might lead to something more serious more industrious retelling.
  • Fragmented rants on jogs might stream into a riff or a melody if you take the time to experiment with musical phrasing.

Fleshing out stories in a writer’s group helps to force writing to deadlines. Exchanging literary criticism nurtures patience and alternate ways of seeing. After learning the fundamentals of music or art, work with artists better than yourself and so you can be better and free.

Create on the move, like on a bus, a subway, or a coffee shop. Bring your ideas to an active marketplace.

  • The doodling, writing, humming or tapping might discover something that really must be told, so make the effort to give the thought strings presence.
  • Rework the idea until there’s a solid plot line. Music, pottery, paintings or story have crafted form outlines that you need to be commiserate.
  • The most significant part of making something real, is please, don’t tell anyone you are doing it or you are going to do it, because then it will never get finished.

Definitely don’t tell a soul!

And if it’s really important to you, it will happen.

If someone promises that they are going to quit smoking, learn kayaking, or ride an elephant, telling someone won’t make it happen. For some, saying they want it, is just enough and like fluffy clouds the thought just blows away.

Talking about starting something is bragging, and if you focus on how difficult it is to do something hard, nothing meaningful gets started.

In my opinion, that nurtured idea should remain locked up inside and should only be set free when you’re riding that elephant, touching the hard copy of the published book or that taste of fresh sweet air from that marathon run that you could only have done because the smoking is no more. In any of these cases, maybe you have done the impossible. Why consider anything less.